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Our digital assets exchange has carved a niche for itself globally in a small span of time. As of now, we have 500+ happy sub-brokers all over the world. We aim to build a larger sub-broker base consistently. PCEX Franchise Model provides you with two ways to be associated with the platform i.e. by becoming a sub-broker to start trading in Hong Kong or as a freelancer.

Our exchange offers you the following added features to facilitate your trade:

  • Limit Trading - Set limit orders at best possible prices on the digital assets you trade.
  • Margin Trading - Trade at 10X margin in intraday and futures market with PCEX.
  • Stop Loss - Minimize losses by selling your securities or commodities at a specified price.

Small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements. Increasing your earnings with low investment in hong kong by becoming a franchise of a promising exchange like ours follows an easy procedure.

Step 1
Register On PCEX
Step 2
Fill Online Agreement Form
Step 3
Make The Payment
KYC form requires a copy of your Government approved ID proof.
A copy of the bank statement showing your account details

Frequently Asked Questions

PCEX has its leading presence in 7 countries across the globe. This exchange platform is based on blockchain technology and works on 5-layer security model which includes multiple checks to authenticate transactions.
PCEX offers unique franchise model which grab the attention of investors and brokers. The features of PCEX franchise model are -
- No Maker Taker Fee
- Easy Monthly Withdrawal of Brokerage
- Low Transaction Fee
- High Liquidity
- Dedicated Relationship Manager
Additionally, PCEX provides extensive support for both crypto- to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat trading for investors so that they can have a comprehensive solution under one roof. PCEX has a sub-broker channel that provides investor with direct support for any issues they might face while trading.

We are based on blockchain technology. Apart from this, we also follow 5- layer security model which includes multiple checks on every deposit and withdrawal request. Hence, with us, your money is secure.

We are applying lead mapping feature, wherein the leads belonging to a non-active sub broker of a particular area are mapped to the lead account of active sub-brokers of that area, gives us an edge over other exchanges. The leads are provided as and when we are approached by the clients.

PCEX is regulated from Estonia, Europe. Most of blockchain and crypto exchanges move to Estonia because this provides services such as virtual currency wallet and exchanging virtual currency against fiat currency. Governmental Committee of Estonia has generated AML/KYC algorithms for companies to fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

A sub-broker is not authorized to deposit money in client’s wallet.

1. Login.
2. Click on the Add Member option in the Main Menu.
3. "Add Member" page will open.
4. Select "Client" from the drop down list for the first column. Fill all the details.
5. Click on the "Submit" button.

The broker or sub-broker can use the digital signature option to sign the broker and sub-broker agreement.


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Global Presence


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Benefits of PCEX Franchise Model



PCEX employs a 5 layer security model which includes multiple manual checks thus, making it a more secure platform to trade in Hong Kong.


Higher Revenue Sharing

As a franchise of PCEX, our sub-brokers get an unmatchable higher percentage of revenue sharing


Business Growth

PCEX charges a single transaction fee of 0.05% in intraday and derivative markets which attracts high volume of clientele for your business.



Our franchise business model ensures high-liquidity resulting in high volume of trades for all our investors.


Zero Security Fee

As a franchise of PCEX, our freelancers are not required to pay any security fee which provides an opportunity for the natives to invest in Hong Kong.


Dedicated Relationship Manager

Our channel of dedicated relationship manager and physical presence across different countries ensures 24*7 extensive support.

Check Your Earning Potential

Curious about how much will you be earning when you come onboard with us? Simply move the slider to the right and know your approximate monthly and annual income.

Clients Onboard Approximate number of clients onboard every month through a sub-broker

  • 24 Hrs VolumeApproximate volume generated per day i.e. Number of clients * Average account balance per client
    ‭2,52,000‬ HKD
  • Margin Fund Available24hr Trade volume * Maximum margin available on PCEX (10X)
    ‭25,20,000‬ HKD*
  • Margin Fund UtilizedPercentage utilized in margin positions
    ‭7,56,000‬ HKD*
  • Trading Turnover MarginFunding utilized * 2X where 2X is the minimum number of times each client must have transacted on the exchange
    ‭15,12,000‬ HKD*
  • Volume Per MonthExpected turnover generated in a month
    ‭‭4,53,60,000‬ HKD*


  • Initial Monthly Brokerage
    ‭9,072 HKD*
  • Quarter 1 Brokerage
    ‭27,216 HKD*
  • Quarter 2 Brokerage
    ‭‭40,824‬ HKD*
  • Annual Brokerage
    ‭‭1,63,296‬ HKD*
  • *Conditions Apply

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