5 ways to make money with cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency’s booming market is the right place for anyone who is trying to earn a little extra money without putting a lot of hard work in. But are there any other ways of making money by trading cryptos without understanding the complicated world of exchanges, tokens, and altcoins? Answer to that is, YES!

Here is a short list of ideas for you to start making money through cryptos in 2019. You can earn a little pocket money, or even replace your full-time job and earn a living with these handy tricks.

  • Content Creation

One of the simplest ways of making money in crypto is through content creation and/or starting a blog about the current happenings in the market. A lot of interest has grown in the market over the years and searches about how to understand the crypto world have gone up. Even after a decade, since the advent of the monetary revolution, there are very few reliable resources available online to read and know more about the technology. So if you are someone who is into writing and understands the market well then you can surely start a blog and earn through its monetization on platforms such as WordPress.org, Siteground or Weebly.com if you are a beginner.

You can start your journey by creating high-quality content, building a community of readers and it is likely that a bunch of brands can approach for paid promotions and many more opportunities will come flooding in.

You can further use your knowledge to start Vlogs about the subject, Vlogging is quite popular in demand especially in the crypto community which could prove to be another profitable way.

  • Affiliate schemes

Joining an affiliate scheme can be the next money-making step you can take after content creation. Referrals can be of great help when it comes to earning from cryptocurrencies

Crypto affiliates can earn great money with this method since the crypto market is relatively new.

In an affiliate programme an agent sends referrals to a platform and then he/she is eligible for a percentage of the total spending made on the project.

The referral programs help companies’ grow traffic and revenue and in return, the agent earns his/her commission.

Coinmama, Trezor, Coinbase, eToro, and CEX are some of the most popular platforms for affiliate programmes.

  • Faucet farming

Faucet farming is a very fun and interactive way to earn cryptocurrencies. All it involves is clicking a few buttons on a platform to start earning a small amount of crypto.

If you can sign people up and build an affiliate network then there you can earn well through this method on websites like cryptotab.com.

  • Staking

Blocks validation in the cryptocurrency market is done in two ways: POW (Proof of Work) and POS (Proof of Stake).

Proof of Work is a consensus exemplified by Bitcoin where computational power verifies blocks. As discussed in this post, set-up and electricity costs are high.

In comparison to POW, POS or ‘staking’, does not require any expensive outlay.  You can purchase a certain amount of a coin and then stake it.

The purchase leads to the creation of a wallet and a node. To verify transactions, the purchased coins are sent to the newly created node on the blockchain.

This acts as a great introduction to core crypto earnings.

Few currencies that you can start staking are NAV Coin, PIVX, Neo, Ark, and Lisk.

Can you list any other methods of getting rich with cryptocurrency? Let us know in the comment section.

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